Sublimation 3D Samsung Galaxy S3 Covers

Sublimation 3D Samsung S3 &Apple iPad Covers from BestSub

In order to provide the best covers to protect mushrooming electronic products, BestSub keeps pace with the market and have developed the tailor made 3D cover for Galaxy SIII as well as the most popular Apple iPad tablet. This coated cover gives perfect performance in sublimation printing and protection, enabling it to power your personal brand in making something belongs only to you.

BestSub incorporate different protection capability of plastic cover, trying to make the cover the best protector and ornament of the Samsung SIII cell phone and the iPad. Being fully printable, the plastic cover requires the support of aluminum model during heat transfer printing in case of deformation.

Item Name: 3D Samsung S3 Cover
Item N.O.: SS3D01
Material: plastic
Color: White
Size: 13.4*7.5cm
Printing Temperature: 180 C
Printing Time: 120C

3D Samsung S3 Cover

Item Name: 3D Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 cover Tool
Item N.O.: TSG01
Description: 3D Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 cover shall be sublimated with this model which is designed as a necessary tool to prevent cover deformation during the heat printing process.
3D Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 cover Tool

1. 12 year expertise with mature technique;
2. Durable plastic material safe to human body and the environment;
3. Perfect direct sublimation printing effect;
4. Strong protection keeping the S3 phone & iPad from scratches and damages;
5. Simple application;

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