1.Image Printing

Get your image from a digital camera, a scan, or a memory card or designed by yourself, then print it on A4 sublimation paper or bigger size through inkjet printer.
       Sublimation ink is crucial;
      Chose mirror printing



 2. Printed Image Fixed

Put the printed paper on the area and fix the image and iPad case with thermal tapes.
Note: The printed paper should cover the printing area fully, as shown in the following figure.IPD01-2

3. Printing Process
Note:The other part of the case shall be kept out of the heat press area except the blank printing area because the leather will be under high temperature.


4. Printed iPad Case Finished

When the printing comes to the end, pull up the heating board and you will find the printing paper is yellowed and the outlines of the image rolls up. Then tear off the paper, and the iPad case take on a new look with beautiful pictures on.